Expanding our working relationships

Having delivered a successful pilot scheme with Clean Break in 2017, HUT is pleased to announce that we are to continue our partnership into 2018. HUT therapists offer individual weekly psychotherapy to support the psychological needs of some of the women who are registered with Clean Break. This charity was set up by two female prisoners in 1979, to run free courses to promote and develop the education and rehabilitation of women leaving prison. Their award-winning theatre education programme and mesmerizing staging and performances have gathered fans from all over the UK – do come and see them performing near you.

We are also seeing women for psychotherapy through Working Chance, “the UK’s only recruitment consultancy for women leaving the criminal justice and care system”. Our collaboration and excellent relationship go back to the time when HUT therapists were still working at HMP Holloway and liaising with Working Chance to help the women transition from prison to finding work.

It is no coincidence that both organisations are based in north London: we at HUT try to stay as close as possible to our HMP Holloway roots having identified this area as particularly bereft of psychological help for women in the CJS.

As well as seeing women through direct referral by our contacts in prisons, it is one of our fundamental aims at HUT to forge and develop relationships with similar organisations.

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