Holloway Site

The recent meeting organised by Community Plan for Holloway, was attended by a number of different interest groups, to suggest how the land of the former HMP Holloway site should be used.

While the Ministry of Justice is advertising the sale and boasting on their website of the potential to develop “a significant residential site”, there is no mention of the urgently needed woman’s centre or any building to mark Holloway’s history. 

HUT stated their case at the meeting and expressed the wish for a space within the new development to deliver their psychotherapeutic work. At the very least we ask that the existing HMP Holloway visitors centre (fully equipped and lying empty for now over 18 months) be converted so that HUT and other such organisations can take their rightful place to build on the important work previously carried out at HMP Holloway.

Please also read “Two Years On which was submitted to the Holloway Prison Stories project, by one of our colleagues and watch this film to find out more.

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